Lycian Way Day 0

Arrived in Fethiye the day before yesterday. Rounding up supplies. Happy to report that Cosi Outdoor in Fethiye has screw top gaz cartridges. They speak fluent German and English. They are knowledgeable about the route. A pyro-phobe, I can’t bear the the idea of burning petrol. Toxic and inefficient.

Vegan takes some effort here. Not much in restaurants. Sussed out the Migros. Decent bread. Good selection of nuts, seeds and dried fruits. Muesli. Pasta. Wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Turkey is one of only seven countries that is agriculturally self-sufficient.

Plan to micro-blog from my phone as I walk. Stay tuned.

Posted a few photos of Fethiye to my smugmug. Just click on the kitty:


2 responses to “Lycian Way Day 0

  1. Hi Hartley,
    I really enjoyed your blog about the Lycian Way. I’m heading there myself next week and plan to hike the whole thing over a four-week period, which should leave me plenty of time for sightseeing along with the walking. I was really glad to see you mention that Cosi Outdoor in Fethiye has screw-top gas cans because I also use the Snow-Peak stove (the one that folds up into a little white box) and have never used anything else in my 10+ years of hiking.

    Only things I’m having a hard time finding out are questions regarding re-supply and water. Most blogs I read are from people who did 3 to 5 days on the trail so there is very little info on re-supply. What kind of food do they sell in the small village stores? Do I even need to carry food? On the Appalachian trail I usually re-supplied every 6 to 7 days but I probably won’t need to carry that much here. Also, the info regarding water is a bit spotty. Was it easy to find? or should I carry 2-3 litres whenever I find a source?


    Christian Charest
    Toronto, Canada

    • Hi Christian:

      Thank you for commenting on my long neglected “blog”. You are going to love Lykia!

      First, here is a GREAT detailed report on the Lycian Way by a couple who did it last year…brilliant… (Note: the links to further information)

      The cooker and gaz: I ditched it. Posted it back to Antalya very early along with the tent, etc. There are cheap places to stay and eat. The regional post is very reliable. (I did loose a box of gear posting from Antalya to LA.) It is going to be VERY HOT this time of year. (I went in December.) I am not sure you will be craving hot food and drink. This is not a wilderness hike. You will pass all sorts of “civilization”. I did not do the last portion through the mountains to Antalya. The rain and snow had arrived and the area is deserted during winter. But this time of year, you have shepherds up there and you can get your water from the same places they get theirs. You can make fires to cook like the shepherds too! Check with Cosi to make sure they have the Primus type canisters in stock if you are determined to take the stove. (The owner speaks excellent English and German. I think there is an email address/link on the website.)

      Resupply: There is plenty of food. And plenty of beer! You really only need to carry snacks. Depending on you pace through the more remote mountainous area near Antalya, you may need a day or two of food. But this time of year, you have shepherds up there and well stocked camps. You could buy a bit of food from them (with Turkish currency…duh…there is a silly statement in the Clow book to the contrary…in Turkey, you pay with Turkish money or credit cards where accepted!)

      Water: There is water everywhere. It’s not wilderness. It will be hot in September so there may be sections where you would want 3L for half a day. All shops and pensions sell bottled water so cheap plastic bottles are easy to come by if you need more capacity. There are various styles of wells and fountains. I did not treat water.

      Bring pants. The brush was bad in places 3 years ago and rumor has it that Kate and her team are spending more time developing the trails up North these days and trail maintenance has been a bit neglected on the Lycian Way. Light trail runners are fine. They’ll get beat up but that is why we have crazy glue and duck tape! I would suggest a mosquito head net. Mosquito repellent is available in the pharmacies…they sell DEET and some other chemicals that aren’t available for such use in the US. Ask for the most brutal potion available. I got egg size bites. Get some high potency steroid cream too. You can by “prescriptions drugs” w/o a prescription with the exception of the classes of drugs that are DEA scheduled in the US (I do not know the Canadian equivalent)…narcotics, benzos, etc.

      Have a great trip!

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