Faralya to Kabak Beach

Best sleep in ages. Great breakfast in the big room with the stove. Same great company. Tweaked backpack a bit. Always like this the first couple of days. Climbed down the cliffs to the Butterfly Valley and a secluded beach. Talked to Denuz, a Fethiye local who guides walks in the area. Met an excited rooster too. Then I climbed back up to George House.

Just a few hours to Kabak Beach. Another trail climbing high above the sea before descending. It gets very dark very quickly this time of year. But there is a peace in the darkness. I checked into my bungalow at Sultans Camp. It is very dark and I can hear the waves far below. A good dinner on the main house porch. Going to sleep on a mattress on the balcony of my bungalow overlooking the sea.

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