Rough start. Cold damp uncomfortable night at Ferrah Pension in Fethiye. Took care of a few details. Went to post office to send some things to Antalya. After the clerk had taped up a small box, I decided to remove something. Trying to be helpful, she took my little pocket
knife from my hand and held it upside down with her index finger along the blade. As she was about to cut herself rather than the tape, I
shrieked NO. She just stood there about to put pressure on the blade. I’m not sure it registered. She finally put the thing down much to my relief.

Then there was the short minibus ride to Oludeniz. I was digging in my pack when the driver entered a roundabout. I was thrown from my seat to the ground against the door which moments earlier stood open. No seat belts.

A bit shaken, I stood at the start of the trail and took a few deep breaths. Then patched a couple small cuts on my hand and assured myself that my shoulder and spine were OK. Finally I was on my way.

The trail climbed along the coastline. Incredible views from the jagged cliffs. At the top was a junction of roads. There was a sign marking the footpath to Faralya. The ground appeared to be razed for development. I could not find the footpath and decided to descend on the road. Two Americans, Michael and Harvest stopped to offer me a ride and assured me that the road went to Faralya. “See you down there,” they added.

What would have been 3km by footpath turned out to be about 10km by serpentine road. Next time I will stand there a bit with my map and GPS!

Arrived at George House well after dark. Was greeted by Christopher, a German who comes to Faralya whenever he has a few days off. Familiar with the routine, he gave me a tour. After an amazing vegan dinner, I hung out with Christopher. And Michael and Harvest, the couple who had offered me a ride a couple hours earlier. How did they know I would stay there? Michael and Harvest are from the US East Coast. They are in Turkey for a year. Teaching English at a University in the north. Michael had surprised Harvest with a trip to the warmer coast. There is something special about sitting on cushions on the
floor around a low table. A little woodburning stove in the center of the room.
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