Flower Pension. Cozy. Long breakfast with family. Lesson in Ataturk.

Going to run up in the hills and try to find my missing SPOT locator. Bumming it’s not in tracking mode. I did set it! Would make it so easy to find with my GPS. Ordered a new one but it will take a few days to get it. Feel naked without it 😉

Will have a look at the ruins. And of course the beach. Back around to Kalkan tomorrow. Then a few days up in the mountains. Brrr. I love the coast and the turquoise waters. Weather holding up. Looks good a week out. Potential for rain this time of year.


One response to “Patara

  1. Hartley, I'm really digging this blog, by the way. What a fantastic travelogue! (Better than any episode of Globetrekker!:-) It's nice seeing your personal experiences unfolding, and the photos are greatWill definitely set some time aside to more fully read your postings (when I am more awake!). But I just wanted you to know that your writings and photography are definitely appreciated by others.- John

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