Open to Possibility

Kalkan to Berzigan
Didn’t find my spot locator 😦 New one (updated model) en route. A village dog joined me for my jog. Perfect running companion — always there doing her own thing but never under foot. Ran into a British bird watcher. And villagers tending their property. Another delicious veggie dinner at Flower Pension. I am told all the villagers are related. Must be nice to have that sort of community.

Got a lift back to Kalkan where I had left off the day before. Walked from Kalkan to Berzigan flailing around in the rocks and shrub at first. GPS under my nose. Then a stony path up to the yayla (plateau). A few shepherds and their herds.

Waiting for a lift back to Kalkan, a villager raced back to his house to get me a loaf of bread he had just cooked. It was the best bread I’ve seen since I arrived in Turkey. I stayed in Kalkan with Sue and Barry, the Brits I met earlier in Sidyma at the mosque. Breaks the continuity though.

Run down and with business to address, I am taking a couple days off trekking. Took the bus back to Antalya. May spend a couple days at a climbers’ camp here in Anatlya, the top climbing spot in Turkey. Climbing is something I keep putting off! Will return and pick up where I left off. Not part of the original plan but I’m learning so much and meeting interesting people. Picking up a little Turkish, related to Swedish and Hungarian. Staying open to possibility.


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