Rainy Season

The rains have come. My plan was to walk the Lycian Way during the month of November. Got a late start. Business came up right as I arrived in Turkey. Once I got on the trail, I met so many interesting people. Enjoyed great hospitality. Took some long breaks on beautiful beaches. Thus far I have only walked the from Fethiye to Myra! Yesterday, I returned to Antalya. The forecast for the next few days is not conducive to walking, especially as the next few stages are long and exposed at higher elevations with no alternative to camping. I am curled up with my MacBook at a comfortable Starbucks in Antalya, near Kaleci. Got a big day planned. Internet fix. Upload photos. 1000s of emails. And USMLE Step 3. Back to the books…and apps. I AM going to get this out of the way very soon. Exam anxiety is just so irrational!

Over the next few days, I will decide whether to complete the tramp. Few other walkers or shepherds out. Many accommodation options closed for the season. Some of the rocky sections could be perilous in wet weather. On the other hand, if the forecast is accurate, there should be at least a week of stable weather after tomorrow.

This was a last minute trip. I just needed to get away. To see different scenery. And I love to walk. Tramping is a metaphor for life. No real agenda. I have had a lot of down time to just read and think. Figuring out how to carve a life of my interests and priorities. Challenge is letting go of others’ expectations.

If only I could get sleep sorted out!


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