Hiker, Skier, Runner, Novice Photog, Doctor, Swimmer, Diver, Vegan, Insomniac, MBA. Anxious Lost Kid likes Yoga, Pilates, Beer, Gadgets. Social Media novice.


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  1. Hi,
    I saw a post of you about the lycian way. I want to do it. Is it ago as a lady hiker on her own?
    Any recommendations?

    Best wishes,

    • Hi Conny,
      It is an awesome walk. I was not able to finish it last year as I got delayed in my plan and the snows came to the hills. Much of the accommodation and sources of provisions close down during he winter. I hope to go back this fall. I think October and November are probably the best months. The summer is VERY hot. As for solo female travel, I do not have any specific concerns. It is not wilderness travel. You encounter many people from expats to tourists to shepherds in the hills. Everyone was very nice. Yes, you do encounter folks who express surprise when you say you are hiking alone but I get these questions when I run in the foothills near my current home outside LA. Kate Clow, a British expat, conceived the Lycian Way. She has been living and walking in the region for 25 years. She assured me that there is nothing to be overly concerned about as a solo female traveler. Check out Kate’s website. When are you planning to walk? H

    • Conny,
      Just noticed your IP…are you currently in Istanbul? H

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