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Accidental Tourist in the Blogosphere

Can’t really remember. How did I end up at Blogworld? Really just curiosity. What is the “new media” and what does it mean to me? To us? To the world? Currently right down the road in LA. Fit my schedule. Booked last minute.
Learned a lot! Much hype. Old media. New Media. It’s still Media? Certainly technology has narrowed gaps in time and space. Regardless of whether one intends to blog, can’t help but notice the potential. A couple things stand out:
  • Old media vs. New media attitude among some. Doesn’t make sense.
  • If you are going to blog, you need to blog A LOT! 3-5 times/day maybe.
  • Use what’s free!
  • Facebook largely useless — though some disagreement.
  • Twitter a powerful forum but not enough.
  • People wanting to “monetize” — monetize what in some cases?
  • Share the love — room for everyone, everyone benefits.
  • Fish where the fish are.
  • Military presence — interesting applications.
  • @hardlynormal — formerly homeless, vlogs to give homeless a media presence.
  • Little foreign presence/emphasis — going to learn Spanish! Untapped market?
  • Mommy blogging is big.
  • Other curiosity seekers present. Not alone!
  • Bloggers have seemingly endless energy.
  • Bloggers like to PARTY! Vegas-style.
I like the idea of blogging. Feel a bit exposed. Not sure where to go with it. Need to come up with a theme. Don’t want it to be me me me. Like who cares! On the other hand, want it to be personal. So I’m just blogging to blog at the moment. Just doing it. Hope something will come to me.
Thanks bloggers for giving me a glimpse of your world. Inspiring me not just to blog but to get involved in other ways.
Going on a month long hike next week. The Lycian Way. Will try to blog “live” from my iPhone and the occasional Internet cafe. Not because I think anyone cares. Just want to learn about this blogging stuff. Gotta start somewhere.

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New campsite

I’m moving my blog over here. Feel free to visit my old home. Haven’t torn it down yet. I’m new to the blogosphere. Much more luxurious over here — can blog remotely and from your phone! Much more my style.

Checked out blogworld this past weekend. Accidental Tourist in the Blogosphere. Learned a lot. Can’t wait to start blogging in earnest! Stay tuned for my blogworld post — an outsider looking in.