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Lycian Way Day 0

Arrived in Fethiye the day before yesterday. Rounding up supplies. Happy to report that Cosi Outdoor in Fethiye has screw top gaz cartridges. They speak fluent German and English. They are knowledgeable about the route. A pyro-phobe, I can’t bear the the idea of burning petrol. Toxic and inefficient.

Vegan takes some effort here. Not much in restaurants. Sussed out the Migros. Decent bread. Good selection of nuts, seeds and dried fruits. Muesli. Pasta. Wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Turkey is one of only seven countries that is agriculturally self-sufficient.

Plan to micro-blog from my phone as I walk. Stay tuned.

Posted a few photos of Fethiye to my smugmug. Just click on the kitty: