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Cavdir to Islamlar

Deborah makes an awesome wholemeal loaf! After a nice breakfast, I decided to stay with them another night. Deborah took me back to Cavdir and I did the stage through the woods following the aqueducts from Xanthos. A bit scratchy in places and I managed to hit my head on a jagged stone wall. Trying to shake these things off a bit more readily. The route was a bit hard to find on places. The author of the guidebook says that getting lost is part of the fun. I’m not sure I agree.

I had a lovely dinner with Deborah and Ofuk. As this portion of the route nearly forms loop, perhaps I will walk light tomorrow and return here. A bit like the the British often do walking holiday in the Alps. This trip is turning out to be so much more than just walking! So why not stay flexible. Not quite slackpacking though.


Xanthos to Cavdir

I headed toward Akbel. On the road behind Xanthos, a car stopped. Not unusual as people are always stopping if you are on a road and asking if you’d like lift. It was the imam’s wife who had served me breakfast in front of the mosque in Sidyma a few days earlier. She was eager to introduce me to her husband.

It was already late. The route headed into the woods. I didn’t see a path per se and it was difficult to see the painted waymarks. I didn’t feel like camping there so walked down to the road and continued on. I got to Caykoy and wanted to stop. Consulted my notes and called Deborah and Ofuk in Islamlar. Ofuk came down and picked me up. On the road leading up to their home, he delighted in a cat and mouse game with the neighbor’s dog. Then, he’s like watch this…Oscar, one of his own dogs, slithered up a vertical stone wall. Agile like a cat. Need a video of this stunt on YouTube (banned in Turkey). Deborah is a British expat.
Nice to converse in English. They are good fun with an interesting story. They have a marvelous guest house. English countryside touches. Grapevine Inn in the little village of Islamlar high above Kalkan and the sea.