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Taking Shelter from the Rain

Roasting chestnuts in a bar on the beach. Just beyond Kas. Pouring rain outside. Waiting for it to let up so I can set up my tent.


An Earlier Time

Berzigan to Kas. Back on track after some regrouping. A couple long days. Out after dark again. Thick brush with few waymarks. Very difficult to find the route even with GPS. Must have spent over an hour in the same spot. Dogs in the distance howling. Then echoing shouts of “hello”. Ended up face to face with three guys with guns and bright headlamps. At first I thought it was police or military. They were from a nearby house. A solitary one room home. Parents and their 2 sons. They insisted I stay, telling me that the last couple hours of the day’s route would be too difficult to find in the dark. No electricity or water. Just a small propane stove. No toilet. But very tidy. We slept on mats on the floor. A fierce storm blew through the night taking with it a few structures housing animals. There was a lot of sqawking and whining along with the lightening and hail.

I don’t think I slept. Perhaps a wink right before dawn. One of the boys helped me find the waymarked rocks in the flooded field. A few hours later I met a couple of shepherds with a sizeable herd. I was trying to figure out where to cross a swollen stream. After getting the herd across, the older of the two gave me a piggyback ride. And then ferried his colleague so I could take a photo.