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Xanthos to Caykoy

I took the minibus back to Kinik where Hasan had given me a ride to his hotel. Market day. Lots of goats for sale. People riding off with goats on their scooters and tractors. When I got through the throngs, first stop was the pharmacy. Mozzie bite treatment and further prophylaxis. Nasty bloodsuckers these Mosquitos. Had a quick look around the ruins at Xanthos.


Morning :)

Brekky with the ducks. Resting today.

Sun, Sand and Sea

Pydnai. Unadulterated beach. Arrived in Xanthos after dark looking for a place to stay or even camp.. Met Hason Balaban in the pharmacy. He has a restaurant and pension — Ozlan in Letoon. He speaks some German. He gave me lift to the hotel. It’s a little further than I reckoned but he’s going to take me back to Xanthos in the morning. I just had the best meal since I’ve been in Turkey. The hotel is on a combine. Immense greenhouses growing tomatoes and aubergines. The mezze plate is amazing. Listening to live string music. Ozlen Restaurant and Pansiyon. Leteon-Xanthos-Patara.