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Sultan Camp. Kabak Beach. Great breakfast. It was hard to leave. Undeveloped and so beautiful. On to Alinca and Bogazici.


The Sound of Waves

Waking up to the sound of the sea and the crickets.


Sultans’ Camp

Faralya to Kabak Beach

Best sleep in ages. Great breakfast in the big room with the stove. Same great company. Tweaked backpack a bit. Always like this the first couple of days. Climbed down the cliffs to the Butterfly Valley and a secluded beach. Talked to Denuz, a Fethiye local who guides walks in the area. Met an excited rooster too. Then I climbed back up to George House.

Just a few hours to Kabak Beach. Another trail climbing high above the sea before descending. It gets very dark very quickly this time of year. But there is a peace in the darkness. I checked into my bungalow at Sultans Camp. It is very dark and I can hear the waves far below. A good dinner on the main house porch. Going to sleep on a mattress on the balcony of my bungalow overlooking the sea.

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