Lifting LA Haze


Morning Run

Blending in.

Heading into Summer

What a great late season in Utah. Back In Pasadena. Now headed to the Sierras. A few days hiking near Lone Pine with Corina. Then Mammoth-bound. Wonder what Adam has been up to. Skiing until 4 July.

Gathering things together for Lone Pine. Just realized that a box of gear sent from Turkey in January has not arrived. Do not have a precise accounting. Makes things confusing….and expensive.

Had a nice jog up to Heninger Flats this morning. Hazy but clearing. Another gorgeous day in Southern California.

Moose on the Loose

Staying with my dear friend Cathy in Park City. Tonight, I stayed with the kids while she and her husband went out for a while. Check out our visitors! 

Mud Season

Mixing it up. Skiing. Trail Running/Hiking. Studying. Working on logistics for tramping this summer!

Locked Down.

Sitting in the Cliff Lodge. Looking out into the whiteness. Listening to the blasts. Should be a BIG snow day when they let us out.

Reflecting on my goals for the summer. Usmle Step 3…still haven’t done it. Vacate my way overpriced rabbit hutch in suburban LA. And hit the trail. The John Muir Trail as soon as possible. Then…the Pyrenean High Route. A mostly high level trail, the HRP more or less follows the border between France and Spain from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. Going a liittle off the grid for a while!

PSIA National Academy and Utah Spring 2010

photos: Adam Jewell